The Black Water – An t-Alltan Dubh

Well, after two months of no water, I was getting out for a good paddle this weekend regardless!

Last week’s birthday trip to the River Ness was great, but I wanted something a wee bit more challenging this week…

Initial thoughts were the Lower Findhorn, but as much as I love that river, it was time for a change. Matt suggested The Black Water, just north of Garve; so we headed up the A835 to check it out.

With a bit of snow still on the banks of the river, and a lot on the hill, levels were low-medium. That said, this river runs almost all year round, so it didn’t put us off…

After walking back up the bank from the get-out, checking the drops out on the way, we set off. Now, I didn’t really know what to expect from this river, but I was fair from disapointed. It’s a lovely grade 4- (at these levels) rock slide and drop river. A bit technical in some places and a bit scrapy in others, but well worth it!

Will defo return in the summer with BBQ in tow to while away a few hours running, and re-running, the bottom section by the awesome stone bridge…quite a find this river!

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