Wet West Paddle Fest 2011

While I didn’t make it to the Wet West Paddle Fest this year (sob sob), my friend and fellow ICC’er Dave Stewart took some awesome photos.

You can check them out via the link below…be sure not to miss the dude going down the top fall on the River Moriston upside down!


Wet West Paddle Fest – Day Two – Moriston

Well, what can I say?


Yes, that just above sums it up…first ever trip onto the mighty Moriston…what a river!!

Ran the Upper and Middle sections, while risk assessing the lower and deciding to take the dry option. Ran the first drop (after getting my head together and plucking up the courage) pretty well, albeit with a roll at the bottom. Only slight fly in the ointment was some random paddler who cocked-up getting into the eddy above the fall, lost his paddle and then clung on for dear life while trying to work out what to do next.

Poor chap. Can’t have been much fun for him, but we were so focused on keeping our own brown stuff together we weren’t about to start lending paddles or faffing about making new blades from woven grass…but we did secure his boat and help him to the side before heading on down ourselves…

So, after dropping the top drop successfully, Matt, Pat, Ray and me headed off down the river through a selection of boulder gardens, chutes, shelves, drops and stoopers. I opted for a river-right lines near the bottom, while the others ran left; glad of that…nowt like a little early morning scouting to prevent the need to roll!  lol

Anyhow, all in all and awesome and successful day’s paddling; it’s a cracking river and defo worth a re-run or two…might even try the lower section next time…

Now, I never like to be too serious, but if you’ll allow me a minute to preach safety, then it must be said…it’s a particular quirk of Wet West that the weekend does have more than its fair share of river lemmings. It’s great to see young, enthusiastic paddlers getting on the water, but I do sometimes worry about this particular breed of lemming which seems particularly vulnerable to peer pressure and a slightly gung-ho approach…

Admittedly, it was indeed amusing to see one or two groups of lemmings out in force throwing their less confident members down water well above their grade and thereafter watching the carnage unfold, but it was also slightly dangerous so not really recommended and don’t try it at home…

Ok rant over. I’m almost 30 and ranting like a middle aged fart…appologies…just remember, though, safety first!

Right, well no point typing much else. It was a top day and great to paddle with some new faces (Matt, Ray and Pat). Here’s to the mighty Moriston…