Lower Findhorn

Not many people about this week as the school holidays are in mid-flow, but five of us (David, Stewart, Pete, Steph & John) nonetheless managed to pull together and run the Lower Findhorn.

Levels were high-low to medium and nice. Randolph’s was run by Pete and John (with Pete showing us a textbook roll at the exit to The Cauldron!) and the rest of us join just below.

Tripple Steps was at a lovely level with a good run-in to the middle drop and a boof-able rock at the bottom. All faired well here and even managed to watch a few rafts getting stuck halfdown; class!

Some good surf waves at various points at this level and Corkscrew (which could finally be run mid-line after a somewhat dry summer so far) proved an awesome rollercoaster with much power and speed!

Both Stewart and I even managed to get in so leading practice for our Four Star Leader assessment; although they all thought it would be funny to do an all-in capasize for my last section…thanks guys!

All fun though…

Middle Findhorn (in spate)

Well, after an aborted trip to the Upper Findhorn given it was MASSIVE and in spate, Jo Young, Stewart Young and myself decided to take a wee bimble down the Middle Findhorn.

Yes, we’ve done it before, but today was different given the all-but flood levels. It was much higher than I’ve paddled it before, with only one brick showing at Logie Bridge. While many of the normal features were simply washed out, they pace of the river was extremely fast, there were few eddies and a fair few ‘new’ stoppers thrown in our way…mostly hidden and quite unexpected!

No real incidents. Stewart rolled a couple of times and sawn at Carnage, while Jo and I only had a few wobbles…but it was extremely pushy, so no lost kudos for Stew-pot!