UKCC Level 2 – Moderate Water Endorsement

I’m happy to announce that I’ve passed my UKCC/BCU Moderate Water Endorsement.

I did the training on Saturday and the assessment on Sunday; both on an extremely cold and icy Middle Findhorn.

While the nerves were shaking, each of my sessions went well and I headed home wondering what to do next…BCU 5 Star Leader me thinks!

Well done too to Iain from Inverness Canoe Club who was also one of the successful candidates and braved the wintry conditions with me.

UKCC Level 2 Coach

I’m happy to announce that I have received formal confirmation that my UKCC Level 2 Coach assessment has been validated; just waiting for my BCU and SQA module certificates.

So, drum roll please, having passed my practical assessment back in May 2011, I’m finally a fully-fledged BCU/UKCC Level 2 Coach; bring on the 2 Star assessments!!

Next job, continue with 5 Star prep. and work towards moderate water endorsement…so much to do…

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