Lower Findhorn (An t-Uisge Eireann Iosal)

Quick scoot down the Lower Findhorn today, with Torq and Mike.

Fairly low levels, but with the leaves turning it was a lovely paddle and good use of a valuable Saturday afternoon!

Not much to write home about, other than me running Corkscrew river-right for the first time and Mike trying to follow suit, but ending up bouncing over the centre roostertail!

Good times…apart from Scotland losing to England in the rugby, which was bad times…

An t-Uisge Eireann Iosal

Ok, so a cold Sunday brought with it a quick trip to the Lower Findhorn (An t-Uisge Eireann Iosal) for Me, Jo, Stewart, Mike and Richard.

Now, I had a total ‘mare of a paddle, so I’m going to gloss over the detail…suffice to say, I swam for the first ever time on the Lower Findhorn and, given I really hate the no.1, I decided to swim again!!

Both really stupid swims and ones which I wish to forgoet…only saving grace was that I wasn’t the only one. In fact, only Stewart – in his brand new playboat, paddled for the first time – made it down unscathed…well done to the (for the time being!) River God!

Still, the river was a good level (mid-low on Where’s the Water) and there were some lovely playwaves which kept me well entertained when I wasn’t washing my hair…despite the chilly dips, a good day out on the river…