Scotland Happened – a new kayaking short film

Just came across this new short film featuring some great Scottish runs. Thought I’d share it as, filming and production wise, it’s definately one of the best ones out their featuring Caledonian capers!

Also, it seems to be in the runing for a short film award, so if you like it, why not vote for it?! More info here:

On a personal note, I’m off to the Garry tomorrow after work for some playtime action…the sun is here, temps are hitting 23 degrees across much of Scotland, so it must be time for dusting down the playboat! Good times…

Garry fun…

A quick couple of runs down the River Garry today in my Dagger Juice. Was a bit nervous as I got trashed in the top playhole last time I took it down…still, best to get back in the saddle non?!

It’s been great having the Garry dam releasing mid-week; a great way to unwind after a hard day’s slog in the office!

The river has been a bit lower than normal over the past few releases; about 7ish on the gauge by the dam, normally about 8. This means things are a week bit rockier, but it’s still worth the trip.

Back there next week – woop!

River Garry (again)

Ok, now given the Garry only runs well in the summer when the dam releases, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with a few more River Garry posts…I’ll keep them short!

So, full of courage from a few good shots in the top playhole last trip in my Diesel 75, I thought I’d take my Dagger Juice for a spin…the result…swim!

Step 1: David enters the top playhole;

Step 2: David performs a few braces and surfs;

Step 3: David loses his edge to the upstream river God and flips;

Step 4: David can’t roll as he’s stuck in the stopper; and

Step 5: David swims…

So, after that good start, things really couldn’t get any worse! And indeed they didn’t. Things picked-up from there and I had a really good day; we all did…nice levels, good weather…a grand day on all accounts! Any Dave J’s ‘sympathy’ swim did me the world of good too…