River Tummel (Abhainn Theimheil)

Great day out on the Tummell today with Steve Mackinnon.

Posh start to proceedings with breakfast at the House of Bruar, then off to the river for a training day; focus on boofing.

Gentle start with not big incidents. I had a wee roll BEFORE the s-bends, not quite sure how though, and Steve Mac ran the Linn backwards in style – class!

Fun all round, including Stewart who ran the Linn of Tummell upside down in order to give us a heads up on where the submerged rocks where – very kind of him!

Only pain in the backside where the rafters. About 9 rafts crowding the Linn at one point, punting boaters out of the way; not cool. And what a complete mess the public road is and also the get out is; looks like a shanty town. Sadly, I’m not surprised the locals get annoyed…