River Averon

Well, after yet more time holed-up inside due to sub-zero temperatures, a small group of us managed to sneek out to the Averson near Alness.

I’d not been on this river before, so was looking forward to it! After a nice wee gentle start, the river started to pick up with a few grade 3 (ish) sections and some nice waves. However, this gentle start lulled me into a false sense of security and, just as I was thinking things were going swimmingly, I ended up swimming!!

My excuse/explanation is that I was trying to rescue Kevin’s (aka The Stig) paddle after his swim at the mouth of the gorge and then didn’t realise that there was a tricky wee number coming up…however, in reality, I just ballsed it up, plain-and-simple!!

Anyhow, a great wee river and a good paddle. Nice to be out after all this snow…you can have toooooooo much snow you know!

Oh, and thanks to Dave Stewart for yet more great pics…