Spean Gorge

Well, I’m down in Ft. William just now doing a bit of work, so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to get out on some of the West Highland rivers!

Tonight I managed to tag along on a trip down the Spean Gorge with Chris Dickinson, Henry and Scottie…a great paddle it was too!

First time I’d been down this section of river and I wasn’t disappointed. The weather was fantastic, scenery magical and, despite the low levels, the rapids were great…

Can’t wait to get another stab at this one – it’s a gem…

Garry fun…

A quick couple of runs down the River Garry today in my Dagger Juice. Was a bit nervous as I got trashed in the top playhole last time I took it down…still, best to get back in the saddle non?!

It’s been great having the Garry dam releasing mid-week; a great way to unwind after a hard day’s slog in the office!

The river has been a bit lower than normal over the past few releases; about 7ish on the gauge by the dam, normally about 8. This means things are a week bit rockier, but it’s still worth the trip.

Back there next week – woop!

Middle Findhorn in Spate

Had a wee bimble, or rather what I thought would be a wee bimble, down the Middle Findhorn tonight with Jo.

Lynn turned up too, but decided not to paddle, so ran the shuttle and took some photos.

Where’s the Water said that it was on a high low, but given the rain I didn’t really believe it so I took my Diesel rather than the playboat…

…and just as well too! The river was in spate by the time we arrived, with sweeping currents and MASSIVE stoppers where normally there’s little more than a ripple.

A great paddle it was, bascially a point-and-shoot job. It took only 20mins to get from Logie Bridge to Carnage Corner…and that was even with Jo paddling a Wavesport E-Z!