River Etive / Abhainn Èite

Finally, I made it to the River Eitve!

Years of waiting, levels never right, lack of paddle buddies, but today six of us travelled down from Inverness in the glorious Autumn sun to a strangely warm and midge-free Glen Etive.

It was a cracking day and fun was had by all. Some great lines and some, well, lines to forget; I’m thinking Foo rolling at Triple Falls, Stig on (in) Crack of Doom and me on (in) Right Angle. Oh, and Foo breaking a rib on Right Angle…ouch!

Here’s a wee video of our exploits:


Hello? Helloooo? Anybody there?!

Sorry, it’s been a few months since I last posted; basically I got married, started a new job and moved house!

Anyhow, the kayaking has continued and I’ve had a few excellent trips to the River Garry over the summer. The dam releases were a bit higher than last year, which made for plenty of fun in the playholes!

Midges have been pretty awful, but my surfing has been coming on leaps and bounds…so it’s been worth the pain!

Another trip to the Garry coming up this week; got to make the best of the daylight while it’s still with us…

Wet West Paddle Fest 2012

Well, while I didn’t make Wet West this year due to a house move, I was there in spirit. And, I was also made my mark there via the t-shirt design.

While my own design was not selected (boo hoo), the SCA did include my suggested Gaelic version of the event title in the excellent design they chose; really good to see the SCA embracing the language. Last year it was their new bilingual logo, now Wet West!

Fèis Fhliuch Shiar nam Pleadhag; glè math ma-thà!

Wet West Paddlefest T-Shirt 2012