River Avon (Moray)

Well, today was something new. Perhaps not the most pumping river in the world, but it was nice to paddle an unknown bit of water and get out and about with a few new faces.

River Grade: 2/3 (with one 3+/4)
Author’s Boat: WaveSport Diesel 75
Group Size: 14

The day started with a long drive to Bridge of Avon (pronounced ‘Ah-n’) and then a picturesque meet at the lovely old bridge. Levels looked good, so we got our kit together and drove up to ‘Distillery Falls’ near Glenlivet.

A few of us brave souls ran the falls; they’re probably grade 3+/4. This was probably the only real bit of excitement all day…after that we headed down the river…mostly flat, yet fast moving, but there were other little bits of fun and play potential. A few ledges here and there…some little drops and lots of wave trains. A couple of sweet surf holes too…

Still, while it might have been mainly Spey-ish in character, Dave Young still managed to require eskimo-resucing…this time it was Dave 4 out of 4 who did the ‘hand of God’ and lifted him upright…this was the same awsome kayaker who later hand rolled twice in a stopper!

So, it was great to be out on the water as ever…next time, thought, I’ll probably take up the offer of the Upper Findhorn… :)

[Thanks to Emma G for the pics]