River Spey

Well, today there were various options on the cards; however a few of the 2* paddlers in the club hadn’t been out for a few months, so Pete Ralph and I decided to take them on a wee trip down the River Spey.

River Grade: 2
Author’s Boat: WaveSport Diesel 75
Group Size: 10

It was a lovely day as we all gathered at the get-in and spirits were high. There were 10 of us in total and we had a nice gentle paddle down through ‘washing machine’ towards Blacksboat rapid.

The river was at medium/high level, so much of the white water sections were washed out. Only one casualty at Blacksboat, but we cleaned-up quickly and had lunch to allow time for recovery and warming-up!

A few play waves later, we were over-taken by a group from Glenmore Lodge, only to catch them up again at the nice we wave about a mile south of Blacksboat. Pete showed us all how to surf – the surfing expert that he is! – and most of us had a wee shot…no capsizes!

Again, we carried on at a leisurely pace, taking in the fab. scenery, until we reached the wave train before Knockando. Given the levels, this was a great up-and-down ride, with big waves and troughs all-but hiding any paddler brave enough to tackle them!

Again, more opportunity to play; with myself, Pete, Cerian and one or two others catch a few surfs…Eddie decided one shower wasn’t enough for him and took a swim, but no major incidents…

Knockando, normally a good place to stop and play, was pretty much washed out and most of the group shot-on down to the get-out by the old station. A few of us hung about to play on the Knockando wave, which was a good ride if you could stay on, but on false edge and you were spat-out with little chance of getting back on…

Still, despite being only a grade 2 river, a fun day was had by all…what the river lacks in adrenaline-fuelled excitement, it makes up in scenic beauty!

Roll on the next river…