River Garry (again)

Ok, now given the Garry only runs well in the summer when the dam releases, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with a few more River Garry posts…I’ll keep them short!

So, full of courage from a few good shots in the top playhole last trip in my Diesel 75, I thought I’d take my Dagger Juice for a spin…the result…swim!

Step 1: David enters the top playhole;

Step 2: David performs a few braces and surfs;

Step 3: David loses his edge to the upstream river God and flips;

Step 4: David can’t roll as he’s stuck in the stopper; and

Step 5: David swims…

So, after that good start, things really couldn’t get any worse! And indeed they didn’t. Things picked-up from there and I had a really good day; we all did…nice levels, good weather…a grand day on all accounts! Any Dave J’s ‘sympathy’ swim did me the world of good too…