Back at last…and a trip down the Garry

Well, after a bit of a break from the keyboard and river (save 4* practice), I’m back at it with a vengance!

My first trip back on the river after my (thankfully successfull) four star assessment was a trip to the River Garry by Loch Ness. Paddled this river before on many occasions, but it’s a cracker so worth it every time!

A group of us headed down from Inverness to get some practice in before the Wet west Paddle Fest next weekend ( A great day had by all with some new faces on the river too…always nice to see…also, being a Sunday release, we managed to run the whole river down to Invergarry itself…always a nice wee addition…

Anyhow, as ever, the pictures tell the tale…many many thanks to Dave Stewart for taking all these pro picks…much appreciated (even if I look like a tw@ in every one!):