New Video – Lower Findhorn

For those interested, a new video of paddling adventures on the Lower Findhorn in October 2009 can be found here.

Top & Upper Findhorn

Well, with a fair bit of water falling from the sky, we decided to hit the Top & Upper Findhorn for a change. The top section only really runs in rainy weather, so as usual, it was a mirky, wet outing to the river!

What started out as just a handfull of us, turned into an epic 15-person outing as Ron, Pete & Co., who were supposed to be doing the Lower Findhorn, joined us up top due to pumping levels lower down the river…

It was a pretty good day’s paddle all-in-all…a few swims, some from those least expected (John!), and some memorable rolls and runs. Dave Young’s pin on the rock below Dulsie was simply awesome…just a shame it wasn’t caught on camera!

Kenny put in a sterling effort with a top-drawer roll on the main stopper section on the Top Findhorn, and showed us all how to swim JCB in a controlled fashion…nice one matey!

So, no pictures this time I’m afraid as I was in video mode…but here’s a little something I knocked-up to remeber the occasion…