The Lower Findhorn in 23°C heat!

Well, my bro and Emma Garden (plus me) decided to go for a wee jaunt down the Lower Findhorn today….

Not much rain about, so the rivers have been all-but empty of late. However, the Lower Findhorn was actually running at a nice (albeit low) level. Enough water to get a good paddle and not too scrapy; although not many playwaves about this time…

After capsizing on the lower part of Randolph’s Leap about  20secs after getting on the water, Richard picked up the pace and had a solid paddle; his first since January and first outing in the Mighty Lower! Emma had a good paddle too, only her second time on this stretch, with an unlucky swim on Triple Steps…and was my first time leading on the Lower…

Anyhow, the highlight of the day, however, was the rope swing near the get-out. It’s not often you can swim in the Findhorn without getting hypothermia, but today was tropical and we couldn’t resist…it would also appear that I couldn’t resist the pies, as my first shot on the swing saw it snap and send me flying into the water!

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  1. He he! I love the one of you breaking the swing…both halves of the stick are in the pic!

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