Stolen Werner Sidekick Paddles

Just a quick post to say that a friend of mine, Steve MacKinnon, had his set of blue Werner Sidekick paddles stolen two weeks ago on a Level 1 coaching course at the Muirtown Basin, Inverness.

The paddles are pretty specialist as they were custom-made for him and feature a zero degree feather (i.e. they’re unfeathered). They also have a glass neutral bent shaft 194cm and, as Steve describes, are have ”very pretty bright blue blades that match [his] eyes so well”. As far as we know, there are no other cranked, unfeathered blue blades like this in use in Scotland, athough Zac in Aberdeen has a blue straight shaft set.

If anyone turns up to the river with paddles like this or tries to sell them to you, please let Steve know. He says that a reward will be given! I know of no other unfeathered blue badles like this in use in Scotland, though Zac in aberdeen has a blue straight shaft set.

You can contact Steve on:

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