Middle Findhorn / An t-Uisge Èireann (Meadhan)

Beautiful day today, albeit freezing, but with hardly any water about, a few of us headed to the trusty Findhorn to see if we could get in some paddling.

While the lower section looked a good level at Randolph’s Leap, it also looked utterly baltic, so we decided to give the middle a spin; more open, so possibly a wee bit warmer?!

It was a pretty low level and a bit scrapy, but always nice to get out nonetheless. Couple of nice wee wave spots too; particularly in the gorge just after Dragon’s Tooth. Hoping to get out to the West Coast soon to do the Gruinard, Cuilleig etc., or perhaps Lochaber to get another run down the Roy or even the Gloy; just need some water and warmer air!