Culloden Woods & Forest Mountain Bike Map

Ok, so this post is about mountain biking, not kayaking, but I’ve still not found a map of a decent trail route route Culloden Forest, Inverness. So, after doing a wee reccy this weekend, I thought I’d put one together and share it with folks…

Now, this is not a guide to a hardcore mountain bike trail, however it’s a sound 20km ride with some off-road forestry tracks, some bushwhacking (if you want), some quiet public roads, some nice single track and some jumps, bridges and switch-backs.

The single track is good craic and suitable for most, while the jumps and switch-backs can be pretty technical and tough; particularly in the wet as there are roots galore and a few deep, water-filled ruts to send you over your handlebars. The bushwhacking section (blue line on the map) is basically 1km of boggy forest and the supposed ‘path’ and ‘track’ shown on the OS is nowhere to be seen…beware!

Oh, and those eagle-eyed bikers out there may well spot other informal biking trails while following this route, for example, there’s a faily hardcore downhill route 1 or 2 km past the sawmill. There are some hidden gems, but they’re not formal and some have been there for some time (i.e. rot), so take care; follow this route at your own risk!

Culloden Woods & Forest Mountain Bike Map