A Sunny Scrape down the Lower Findhorn, in November?!

As you may have guessed from the post title, today’s Sunday paddle was a quick trip down the Lower Findhorn.

Rather than the cold (almost frozen) water, bitter wind and low temperatures that characterises the Findhorn at this time of year, it was sunny, the air was reasonably warm and the water was well above freezing; what’s going on?!

It’s December next week…I think someone forgot to tell the Gods!

Anyhow, not much to report, other than I ran Randolph’s in full for the first time in AGES, although I did screw up the run-in and ended up reversing out (not a good look); oh, and lest I forgot, Paul, Mick and Caz had a bit of a comedy pile-up on Corkscrew!

In short, Paul flipped and got stuck on a rock. Mick came over the drop and landed on Paul. Mick then flipped upstream and failed to roll. Then came Caz over the top to join the party, also flipping and getting momentarily pinned, before then joining the other two on their way down the river…

The rest of us could only watch from the bottom of the rapid, at first not knowing whether to chuckle or run to the bank and help. Luckily, it became apparent fairly quickly that all was ok, so we just chuckled and collected the flotsam!

After regaining out composure, Matt and Robert decided to run The Slot. It actually looked a good level for having a go, but by that stage I was feeling a bit knackered and my confidence of not swimming left me fairly quickly…not one you want to swim on really…

Anyhow, really hoping to get down to Lochaber sometime soon to get down the Etive and perhaps the Roy…fingers crossed!

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