An t-Uisge Eireann Iosal

Ok, so a cold Sunday brought with it a quick trip to the Lower Findhorn (An t-Uisge Eireann Iosal) for Me, Jo, Stewart, Mike and Richard.

Now, I had a total ‘mare of a paddle, so I’m going to gloss over the detail…suffice to say, I swam for the first ever time on the Lower Findhorn and, given I really hate the no.1, I decided to swim again!!

Both really stupid swims and ones which I wish to forgoet…only saving grace was that I wasn’t the only one. In fact, only Stewart – in his brand new playboat, paddled for the first time – made it down unscathed…well done to the (for the time being!) River God!

Still, the river was a good level (mid-low on Where’s the Water) and there were some lovely playwaves which kept me well entertained when I wasn’t washing my hair…despite the chilly dips, a good day out on the river…

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