A Sunny Scrape down the Lower Findhorn, in November?!

As you may have guessed from the post title, today’s Sunday paddle was a quick trip down the Lower Findhorn.

Rather than the cold (almost frozen) water, bitter wind and low temperatures that characterises the Findhorn at this time of year, it was sunny, the air was reasonably warm and the water was well above freezing; what’s going on?!

It’s December next week…I think someone forgot to tell the Gods!

Anyhow, not much to report, other than I ran Randolph’s in full for the first time in AGES, although I did screw up the run-in and ended up reversing out (not a good look); oh, and lest I forgot, Paul, Mick and Caz had a bit of a comedy pile-up on Corkscrew!

In short, Paul flipped and got stuck on a rock. Mick came over the drop and landed on Paul. Mick then flipped upstream and failed to roll. Then came Caz over the top to join the party, also flipping and getting momentarily pinned, before then joining the other two on their way down the river…

The rest of us could only watch from the bottom of the rapid, at first not knowing whether to chuckle or run to the bank and help. Luckily, it became apparent fairly quickly that all was ok, so we just chuckled and collected the flotsam!

After regaining out composure, Matt and Robert decided to run The Slot. It actually looked a good level for having a go, but by that stage I was feeling a bit knackered and my confidence of not swimming left me fairly quickly…not one you want to swim on really…

Anyhow, really hoping to get down to Lochaber sometime soon to get down the Etive and perhaps the Roy…fingers crossed!

Great Glen Canoe Trail / Slighe Churaichean a’ Ghlinne Mhòir (Review)

Great Glen Canoe Trail
A complete guide to Scotland’s first formal canoe trail

I’d been waiting for this book to become available for sometime; ever since the opening of the trail had been announced in summer 2011 and I’d been enticed into canoeing following my trip down the River Spey, from Kincraig to Spey Bay.

Great Glen Canoe Trail Guide

The book is well written and well structured as outdoor trail guides go. All of the information you could possibly require to have a great trip down the Great Glen is in there and some really useful tips and advice as well.

Sections within the book include a general overview of the trail, a low-down on all of the equipment you’ll need, trip planning advice, safety consierations, route guides/options, camp site locations and some handy historic environment and wildlife commentary. There’s even some great photography included within the pages, which makes the whole experience very hard to resist!

It’s a great value book and looks good to boot; so get yourself a copy, a paddle, a boat (some paddling friends, if you don’t already have them) and then hit the Great Glen Canoe Trail – what are you waiting for?!

You can grab a copy of the book from:

More information of the Great Glen Canoe Trail can be found here: www.greatglencanoetrail.info

UKCC Level 2 Coach

I’m happy to announce that I have received formal confirmation that my UKCC Level 2 Coach assessment has been validated; just waiting for my BCU and SQA module certificates.

So, drum roll please, having passed my practical assessment back in May 2011, I’m finally a fully-fledged BCU/UKCC Level 2 Coach; bring on the 2 Star assessments!!

Next job, continue with 5 Star prep. and work towards moderate water endorsement…so much to do…

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