Lower Findhorn – An t-Uisge Eireann (Iosal)

Chasing water today, albeit virtually, not physically, thanks to Where’s the Water; the only drop about was on the Lower Findhorn.

Despite the sun and surprising warmth for a January day, down in the gorge it was freezing – literally!

Matt, Robert and me ran Randolph’s Leap, which turned out to be a wee bit pushier than expected, while Jo and Caz joined us just below. The river was a good level today, with all features running and not too many rocks on show. Some good waves too for fun and frolicks on the way down!

Highlight of the day had to be the ‘prawn crackers’, otherwise known as bizzare frozen circles of foam in an eddy just below the get-in. Not quite sure how they were formed, but they made excellent frisbies! Thanks to Matt for the photos…

Middle Findhorn / An t-Uisge Èireann (Meadhan)

Beautiful day today, albeit freezing, but with hardly any water about, a few of us headed to the trusty Findhorn to see if we could get in some paddling.

While the lower section looked a good level at Randolph’s Leap, it also looked utterly baltic, so we decided to give the middle a spin; more open, so possibly a wee bit warmer?!

It was a pretty low level and a bit scrapy, but always nice to get out nonetheless. Couple of nice wee wave spots too; particularly in the gorge just after Dragon’s Tooth. Hoping to get out to the West Coast soon to do the Gruinard, Cuilleig etc., or perhaps Lochaber to get another run down the Roy or even the Gloy; just need some water and warmer air!

River Averon (Alness) / Abhainn Abharan (Alanais)

The Averon was running at a nice low-medium level today, so Ron, John, Paul, Martin, Lucas, Brigitte and my good self headed out for a wee scoot from Newbridge to Alness. Plenty of interest, but nothing too pushy.

Two thumbs up for Martin and Brigitte who paddled extremely well for their first time on the river; no swims and only one brief dip under the water. I think they even got the best line on the first gorge section rapid!

Second day of paddling in a row – saaweeeeet!